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Welcome to Business Expansion Advisors and Business Expansion Lenders, LLC

Let us be your objective professional advisor in navigating the "next steps" for your business expansion.

Business Expansion Advisors Services

-  Initial Q & A consultation
-  Research and analysis of business  
-  Design, development and presentation of growth plan
-  Ongoing support for growth plan performance

Business Expansion Lenders, LLC, Services:

Our advisors can arrange financing solutions for established, credit qualified businesses, typically with at least a two (2) year history.
We provide financing solutions when your business is ready for the next phase of growth. Lending from $10,000 to $15,000,000.

-  Financing for business property purchases, such as office space expansion, new office space, 
   warehouse facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, commercial buildings and related architecture,
   design and construction costs
-  Financing for related business equipment or office equipment (vehicles, furniture, computers, copiers, and more)