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About Us

Located in Austin, Texas, Business Expansion Advisors and Business Expansion Lenders, LLC, were founded by our owner, Stephen J. Westmoreland.  He brings more than thirty years of leadership experience providing sales, operations, management and financial solutions for a broad spectrum of business and government clients. He served as Vice President and General Manager of J. Geary Leasing;  President of Westmoreland Leasing & Finance; and more recently, served 14 years as Vice President of LGI Financial Solutions.  While at LGI, he led financial service units for national clients that included Dell Computer Corporation, Dell Government Leasing and Finance, CompUSA, Gateway Computer Corporation, Staples Office Products, MicroWarehouse, and others.

Mr. Westmoreland attended Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.  He was honorably discharged after serving for six years in the U.S. Naval Reserve. 

A former client of Mr. Westmoreland offers the following financing experience:

"In 2009, one of our customers had secured $1.785 million in temporary interim financing from a local bank.  The funds were for a property acquisition and construction of a day care facility for children on that property.  Unfortunately, with a suffering economy, the banking community had become very challenged.  My client was unable to secure permanent long term financing for his business.  

Steve Westmoreland and his team were recommended to us for a solution.  They solved the problem with a quick and efficient $1.7 million permanent SBA loan for my client.  I sincerely appreciated the professional service and excellent solutions provided by Steve and his team.  They did a great job for us."

J.Pace, Atlanta, Georgia